Anxiety and Panic

It's Time to Overcome Anxiety and Panic

The cost of living with anxiety and panic is too high
when you can painlessly overcome it with few hypnosis sessions. – Dr Paul

Anxiety is quite common today.There are two types of anxiety:
Situational and Free-Floating Anxiety

Situational Anxiety includes, among others, public speaking, being in crowded spaces, flying, needles and medical procedures, or speaking authentically in relationships. Even the anticipation of a triggering event can trigger self-sabotaging reactions to not be embarrassed.

Free Floating Anxiety feels present in varying degrees all the time. You experience it for no obvious reason. It is not uncommon to experience both situational anxiety and free floating anxiety at the same time.

The Underlying Fear, in all experiences of anxiety, is the prediction our unconscious communicates that if you accept the risk and don’t do it perfectly “You will not be OK!” This core distortion of the risk is powerful and robs us of making a free choice to grow through being learning “I will be OK” even if you are imperfect on the path to becoming proficient.

Through Hypnosis:

  • We can safely identify the origin of anxiety and phobias without reliving all the details of it.
  • We can remove the learned anxious reaction while retaining all the valuable lessons learned through past experiences. The incidents become part of our narrative memory as history without the anxiety reaction.
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