You Can Become the Most Confident Version of Yourself

You can overcome the inner critics and self-limiting patterns keeping you from the life you want to create.

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We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us. – Joseph Campbell




You can start learning how to stop paying the cost of negative reactions today. 

Peaceful Path to Confident Living Participants
share their experiences.

Growing Bigger Than What’s Provoking You! 
Participants share their experiences.

The first lesson was a blessing. Sitting with it, I realized what the shoulder pain really was. I was feeling like a failure and carrying someone else’s box of rocks. I really liked the daily steps. They help me work to a solution! It reminded me to shift from feeling overwhelmed to the feeling was “something in me.“
Donna Conrad-Vandergriff
Retired Police Sergeant
I found Focusing to be a really unique and effective process. I didn’t realize the power of having compassion for all parts of my life, including the events, people, and my responses to those events and people. ... That explains why I’m experiencing much more growth from the scores of the previous tool I used.
Bill Ryan
Business Coach
I understand more about my triggers. As I acknowledge my triggers, I feel like these additional five lessons will help me understand the feelings that I am experiencing and move past them.
Robin Johnson
Special Education Teacher

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