Rapid Content-Free Transformation

Overcome your deepest fears & subconscious limitations blocking you from the life you want

• Learn how to break free from negative habits, fears, phobias, unuseful chronic pain and more holding you back from the life you want.
• Tap into your creative resources to create a fulfilling life!
• Without retelling details of your past again!
• With the convenience of meeting online using Zoom.com – no travel time!

  • 50%+ of our negative beliefs were implanted in our subconscious mind before 7-9 years old.
  • It’s like a computer virus that becomes a habit that’s beyond the ability of oour conscious mind to choose differently or “willpower” to overcome.
  • If we could choose differently, we would. It seems like some “part” of us is triggered and makes the habitual choice despite what we really want.
  • Until recently, it was universally believed that trauma reactions were “hard-wired” in our brains.
  • NEW RESEARCH discovered that negative habits and beliefs can be DELETED for lasting change.
  • We can be free of chronic anxiety, chronic pain, phobias, and more.
  • We can finally stop smoking or vaping and lose the weight that keeps us from living a full life. 

Your personal history does not define who you are. Rehearsing "there and then" to find "why" is a waste of time and often re-traumatizing. Your response to life here and now matters more than your past. Together, through hypnosis and other effective tools, we can transform habitual unconscious limiting beliefs and learned trauma reactions to empower you to create the fulfilling life you want. - Dr. Paul


"Content-Free" means you can experience profound transformation in your life without having to retell your past and risk being retraumatized.

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Sound impossible after trying other ways to change?

  • You’ve likely tried all kinds of methods to overcome habitual negative thoughts, self-sabotaging choices, procrastination, and more.
  • However, most only temporarily cover up or cope with them but then something triggers them again.
  • Rapid, Content-Free Transformation strategies get to the subconscious source of the problem rather than mask the symptoms.
  • If you want freedom from anxiety, stress, self-doubt, unhealthy anger, smoking weight management, and more, hypnosis can help you.
  • All that without needing to share details of past trauma.

Everyone says, "Let it go" but few show you how to actually do that so it removes the unwanted reactions.

Using hypnosis, you can really "let go" of old traumas reactions that keep you from creating the life you want for yourself and those you love.

What do you want to Transform In your life?

Hypnosis is effective  in to transform (delete, remove, or reduce) many habitual issues that block creating a fulfilling life.The lists below outlines some of the many challenges that can be removed and overcome by a combination of Hypnosis, NLP, and Focusing:
(Click on each link  below for more information.)

Increasing Personal Empowerment
Clarifying Your Purpose
Identifying Your Life Goals
Aligning Your 6 Key Life Areas
Healthy Spiritual Companioning
Unconditional Self-Compassion
Total Perception Management

F.A.Q. & Myths about Hypnosis

Hypnosis is so normal we rarely recognize that we experience it every day while watching TV, movies, or driving.
It is a skill of rapidly learning more useful patterns for responding and creating the life we want. 

Hypnosis Myths

Contrary to what appears in stage hypnotism and YouTube, you remain in full control and awareness during the session. It is similar to a deep meditation.

Hypnosis is so normal we rarely recognise  that we experience it watching TV, movies, and driving. It is the skill of becoming aware of our inner awareness and potential to rapidly remove unuseful thoughts and patterns by out subconscious  learning more useful ones.

No one can be hypnotized against their will since the “hypnosis” is something you provide. The hypnotist provides a structure for you do enter into it intentionally and offers life-empowering suggestions.

Hypnotists sometimes use words that suggest you are asleep in hypnosis but you are really as wide awake as you care to be. Some people prefer to relax their conscious awareness like in deep meditation.

There is no danger in not waking from hypnosis. It makes for movie drama but it just could not happen. Even if a zoom session is broken, after a few minutes of silence you would just “wake” like from a deep meditation. On reconnection, you can begin exactly where it was interrupted. 

It’s an old myth probably perpetuated by people who consider themselves “too logical and rational” to experience hypnosis. That may in fact be the way they are hypnotizing themselves. 

Stage hypnosis is entertainment, not transformation. Of course, people who attend hypnosis as entertainment are likely motivated to experience it. Some participants might be as likely to do the silly things if they had a little too much to drink. 

Your subconscious knows your values and ethics and has your best interest in mind. It runs your heart, lungs, blood and digestive systems for you. Your subconscious and critical faculty would not reveal anything more personal than you would not in trance.

Most people remember most of what happens during a hypnosis session. In part because the transformational protocol is to discuss it all before you would be hypnotized. Hypnosis is a cooperation between you. 

You never lose your free will to cooperate or not in the process of hypnosis. 

Truth about Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a pleasant and relaxing experience of focused attention where beneficial suggestions can be given directly to the subconscious mind that  enable you to make positive changes. It is a science-based technique that involves “rapid learning” using your mind and thoughts to break negative habits and find creative life-forwarding alternatives to old, unuseful “learned trauma reactions” that create emotional distress, life-limiting physical symptoms, or unuseful pain.

Hypnosis has been the subject of rigorous scientific studies that have established and explained its effectiveness. Hypnotherapy is now available at some of the most esteemed hospitals in the country, including: UCLA, Mayo Clinic, Stanford Hospital, Cleveland Clinic, and many others.

Hypnosis is not psychotherapy. Psychotherapy (which I do not provide) is the diagnosis and conversational treatment of emotional and mental disorders. Hypnosis (which I offer) is the use of focused attention and suggestion to adjust habits of thought, feeling, and behavior.

Hypnosis is considered complementary and is not a substitute for traditional medical care or counseling. I do not diagnose, prescribe, or treat any medical or psychological disorders.

Eighty-percent (80%) of what a person does everyday is subconscious. This means there are things we think or do automatically without giving a “thought” to it. Some of these thoughts. habits, and actions may be negative. Hypnosis is a way to enhance the positive ones and decrease or eliminate negative ones.

Yes, if you want to experience it. Actually, the person being hypnotized provides “their hypnosis” and the hypnotist provides guidance to enter, offer positive life-changing suggestions to your subconscious, and then coming back feeling amazing. 

Yes. For most people, hypnosis is a pleasant, gentle, and extremely safe experience. However, your safety is my number one concern and there are occasions where hypnosis would be contraindicated. That means there may be a risk.

If you have any medical condition, please ask your doctor to give their approval before confirming your booking with me.

I cannot work with you if you have a diagnosis of:

● Psychosis
● Schizophrenia
● Pathological personality disorder
● Senility
 I reserve the right to require your doctor’s approval before offering you hypnosis.

There are other effective ways of working with you besides hypnosis.

Typically, I suggest scheduling three sessions. Many people experience significant improvements after one session, but results are reinforced with follow-up sessions.

Most motivated people achieve their goals. Effectiveness depends on your motivation, beliefs, and aspirations. Change is a function of being at a “threshold” when we are aware that 1) “something must change,” 2) the change needs to be in me, and 3) I want the  change now

All change work is less effective for those who are unmotivated or unwilling to commit to the process.

I use hypnosis to help adults and children with many issues. The list below outlines some of the many challenges that can be removed and overcome by a combination of Hypnosis, NLP, and Focusing:

  • Anxiety & Panic
  • Unhealthy Anger & Rage
  • Unhealthy Stress
  • Negative Beliefs
  • Pain Relief for Unuseful Pain
  • Shame – Low Self-Esteem
  • Unhealthy Anger 
  • Quit Smoking
  • Procrastination & Self-Sabotagin
  • Phobia & Fears
  • Emetophobia – Fear Sickness
  • Fear of Needles
  • Trauma Reactions
  • Religious Trauma
  • Fear of Public Speaking
  • Insomnia

In addition, I offer Coaching and Hypnosis to:

  • Empower Personal Development
  • Find Clarity of Purpose
  • Identify Life Goals
  • Create Healthy Spirituality

Stories of Rapid Content-Free Transformation

Peggy Beddall

Peggy Beddall

A few months ago I experienced a trauma response that was definitely significant and left me dysregulated and anxious. My usual practices and tools offered little, or lasting, relief. So, I made an appointment with Dr. Paul for a hypnosis session. Yesterday, in a 37 minute timespan, I went from exhausted and overwhelmed by anxiety to, literally, pain free in mind, body, and soul! The process of inviting my subconscious to “do the work,” was nothing short of incredible! I felt immense joy and peace at every level of my being at our conclusion, with added benefit of sleeping soundly and thoroughly last night!. 10/10 recommend!

Dr. Paul Fitzgerald is one in a million. His techniques are transformational and unique. I want to shout from the rooftops for so many people that use traditional methods …!
Don’t wait. Just do it, you won’t regret it!


Kari Bouse


Penny Hollenbeck

I’ve been struggling a lot lately with moving so far away from my children to follow my dreams. The anger I have built up over the years for my mother that I can’t seem to shake till tonight after a session with Dr. Paul … i don’t understand what he did but the anger just wants to be peaceful. Thank you for the compassion you have for others. If you haven’t tried his new technique and your struggling call him and schedule an appointment.

 I had a session with Dr. Paul a while back. I waited a bit to see how things went as I wanted to give honest feedback. Dr. Paul worked with me on my fear of sharing about my business as I would always get very nervous telling others about it. It has been much easier sharing with others about my business which is very important especially if you’re a sole proprietor.

Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor

Michelle Skoretz Burk

Michelle Burk

When Dr. Paul shared he was offering hypnosis sessions, I heard “counseling session” and that description doesn’t even come CLOSE to what I experienced yesterday…I had literally deteriorated to the point that I felt like I had the body of an 80 year old woman in poor health. …
So. Me….. I went to bed at about 1:00 pm yesterday, and I slept for 14 hours.


Sherry Girvin

Do it. Make the appointment. Dr. Paul Fitzgerald does all the work while your conscious mind is occupied.
It’s very easy for you.

1. I discovered my subconscious is getting neglected.
2. My subconscious will never speak until I give it permission. (I was so proud)
3. The constant refrigerator humming background energy in my brain is silent.
4. A decrease in emotional pain with memories.
5. I got out of the brain-ditch-thinking and thinking till I couldn’t think no more.

After a one on one session with Dr. Paul Fitzgerald, I feel much better. Allowing myself the grace to be human. For the first time in a while I feel, in a word… Light. If you are feeling ways that you know aren’t “you”, I encourage you to lean into one of these sessions.

Thank you again Dr. Paul for you time and your insight. Love you sir…


Paul Carney


Michelle Elling

This rapid content free transformation with Dr. Paul is no joke. I had a session with him a week or so ago and I am still processing. If your on the fence jump. It has helped me to clear out a large amount of emotional baggage in a short time. I went ahead and got the discount for three sessions. Great decision, I feel more comfortable with the process and know how to ask for what I what. There is great value in this process.
Thank you Dr. Paul!

I had a zoom with Dr. Paul to “fine tune my mind” and gather a few more tools to help with dealing some stuff that is surfacing from my past. 100% plus satisfied! Dr. Paul took me from a 7 to a zero in 30 minutes with his techniques. Just fyi if you are struggling, set up a zoom with him because he is phenomenal at helping people get through what they are going through. Thank you Dr. Paul! I appreciate you so so much!

Roo Winchester

Roo WInchester

I am experiencing real change, calm, and peace with myself and Joy! The hypnosis gave me freedom from the trauma reactions. It allows me to open my heart to see myself before the trauma with compassion, not to feel the need to prove myself, and have peace with being me – imperfections and all!

UPDATE I just want to say my childhood trauma had me stuck. I was very young when it started, so I could only relate to or see myself through the lens of fear or not being safe. I was intimidated to be seen or heard, it kept me from speaking up, and it kept me in unhealthy relationships because I had no voice. …the only thing that has been able to remove the trauma and fear buried in my unconscious mind was the hypnosis Dr. Paul did in our last session. The best blessing is, the impact keeps amazing me, I have the normal life stressors, but none of it’s hitting my gut as it did before; the old lens of always seeing myself as fearful and hiding has disappeared, and I don’t experience that anymore. I go into work now with many people and don’t hibernate at the corner table out of the way. I am laughing more than ever, and it feels good. I love being me!
This is life-changing! Don’t hesitate to reach out to him.

Ann Mason

Ann Mason

Thank you so very much for your time and our session Thursday! Being able to finally identify, address and resolve a specific, powerful and lingering trigger point for me was such a freeing experience – and in only a single session! The way you helped me recapture the specific root cause moment, visualize it, evaluate my thoughts and feelings about it, progressively change my view of it and then see it dissolve was amazing; it worked!
Thank you again, BIG 4s😁

Michael Caughron

Mike Caughron

I am here for you!

Hi! I am Dr. Paul D. Fitzgerald, and I love helping people transform their barriers to creating flourishing lives!

For more than 30 years, I’ve assisted thousands to free their innate life-forwarding energy from self-limiting beliefs and habitual trauma reactions.

Only recently, neurological researchers identified a process to delete and remove learned trauma reactions. It was assumed that trauma reactions are hard-wired as unuseful habits. Creating coping skills and positive beliefs to calm trauma reactions helped. But under stress, negative reaction overcome our best intentions and will power.

Frankly, we all develop habitual patterns of anxiety, fear, doubt, or self-sabotaging reactions that hijack our best intentions and dreams. We start life as children with an “I can do it” energy. Then, we experience emotional blocks and trauma that infect us with the fear that “I can’t do it and still be OK.” We develop habitual reactions to triggers that keep us stuck using  unuseful patterns developed at a younger age.

Hypnosis has proven to be very effective in deleting and removing “learned trauma reactions.” As a Certified Hypnotist I am trained to offer hypnosis protocols for a wide variety of issues. 

Dr. Paul FItzgerald

Why Hypnosis?

Our habitual self-limiting beliefs and learned trauma responses operate like computer viruses in our unconscious. Hypnosis is a unique approach to transforming (removing, deleting) habitual learned trauma reactions through the highly researched memory reconsolidation process.

You want to stop being emotionally hijacked by blowing up, making excuses to avoid reasonable risks, or being trapped in unhealthy habits to numb the awareness of the gap between how you long to live and living trapped by anxiety.

As a Certified Hypnotist, working together, you can change those patterns – permanently.

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